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What my clients are saying…

Below you’ll find testimonials from some of the men and women who have transformed their lives and bodies while working with me.

Keep in mind – these people are just like you. They have been where you’ve been. The only difference is that they made the decision to change, and take responsibility for their health and well-being.

As Tony Robbins reminds us: Decisions shape our destiny.

Are you ready to make a decision?

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Arnold de Souza - Testimonials

Arnold is a highly talented and knowledgeable coach with many strings to his bow. He's a great listener, he's compassionate, he's a brilliant communicator, and he's extremely motivating. What's more, he's an inspiring example of glowing health! Arnold pairs his stellar health advice with effective strategies designed to up-watt life on a holistic level.

Through working with Arnold, I have achieved a weight loss of 7kg (and the programme isn’t even finished yet!) and a commitment to daily exercise, which has dramatically improved my strength and flexibility. We have also worked on balancing my vegan diet and making greens a non-negotiable. This has boosted my mood no end, and has helped me with cravings. Lastly, we have created a positive mental terrain together, by working with affirmations and busting through long-held limiting beliefs.

Having tried many different programmes, I can honestly say that working with Arnold is the best thing I have ever done for my health and wellbeing.

Chloe DUNN

Co-Founder, Veggie Magnifique & Musician

Arnold de Souza - Testimonials

I started working with Arnold during a phase of deep introspection, while being in a vulnerable position both personally and in my career. His program was a fantastic catalyst for me. Thanks to working with Arnold, I gained knowledge and clarity about my values, my driving desires, and my capacities. The personalized system Arnold designs is a excellent combination of guided reflections on one hand, and exercises and daily challenges on the other, which makes you feel capable of achieving anything.

Today, I feel more connected to myself, more assertive, filled with enthusiasm, and better prepared to move forward with my personal, professional and life projects. I recommend Arnold to all those who are seeking meaning in their endeavours, and want to discover the strength and courage that lies within them.

Claire-Sophie DAGNAN

Teacher & Documentary Filmmaker

Arnold de Souza - Testimonials

Two years ago I felt worse than I had ever felt in my entire life, so much so that I was ready to quit my job. I had pain throughout my entire body. I was several kilos overweight, I had acid reflux, burning eyes, painful joints, and a good night's sleep seemed out of reach. I was really at the end of my rope, and Arnold was a truly a godsend to me.

As we began working together, I started to realize how some of my relationships, and lifestyle and dietary habits were affecting my health, and draining my energy. Little by little, thanks to Arnold’s caring, patient, and holistic approach, we started working on the basics of a plant-based diet, and implementing an exercise routine that included mild interval cardio and yoga. Soon after I started losing weight, I had less pain, and I started to feel better and better.

Today I am happy to say that thanks to working with Arnold, I feel 10 years younger, full of vitality, I have no pain, and I sleep well! Plus, so far I’ve lost over 12kg. Working with Arnold has changed my life and health for the better. To this day, I continue to follow his guidance, and am so grateful for this new lifestyle.

Kalowtie SEARWAR


Arnold de Souza - Testimonials

As my Yoga practice has deepened and created profound changes in my body and mind, I have had the good fortune to cross paths with Arnold and his coaching program. I believe he helped accelerate my growth as a teacher, a yoga practitioner, a musician, and a human being. Through his excellent listening skills, his encouragement, patience, and determination, he inspires me to have the courage to set my goals and to make them happen.

I would highly recommend him as either a vegan nutrition coach, fitness coach, or life coach - but he happens to be all three, so you can really benefit from all of them! I am very happy with the results of my 6-month program, and will be signing up again to try to bring more of his techniques into my daily life, both as a self-employed person looking to grow my business and as a vegan looking to stay healthy and strong. Thank you, Arnold!


Yoga Teacher & Musician

Arnold de Souza - Testimonials

When I started coaching with Arnold, I was struggling with identifying what I wanted to do with my career, how to live with integrity, and also how to move forward with a number of things. By holding space for me and my challenges and believing in me from the start, Arnold helped me to search deep inside and clear out my insecurities and societal conditioning, and to find what was holding me back.

Another powerful change I’ve noticed by working with Arnold has been my attitude. I now have a heightened awareness of when I am behaving out of alignment to my hopes and desires. I’ve also noticed that my actions are more sincere and courageous, and that I’m finally going in the direction of my dreams! I now say “yes” rather than rationalizing why “I can’t just yet.”

Arnold has been a real gift to me and my life. He is bold, courageous, and serious about his mission, and I would recommend him to anyone that is longing to break free and express his or herself openly and honestly in this world.

Michelle POZON

The Closet Guru & Yoga and Movement Instructor